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My life as an artist has been far from consistent. Growing up in Delaware, I originally focused on two dimensional art forms. Drawing from life in different mediums such as charcoal, pen and ink, graphite, and pastels. I was attracted to drawing from life and getting it as realistic as I possibly could. I enrolled into art school in western New York to further these interests. While attending Alfred University, I began engaging in studios such as photography and printmaking (digital and traditional styles). I was not fully aware of what the world of sculpture was all about until I walked into a renowned glass facility at Alfred University. I was immediately fascinated with hot glass. It was all I became interested in, and it soon became impossible to go back to the drawing board. After seeing the action and intensity of work with “hot honey,” I knew my artwork had found a new medium…and dimension. I soon started casting and ladling hot glass. Slumping, fusing, and eventually blowing all became ways for me to interact with this new found material. I soon started to add other mediums into my sculpture. This did not come easy for me as I was so used to being a 2D artist. I added wood, neon, and metal work to compliment the glass.

After integrating these materials into a final show at Alfred University, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and it was time to experience life as an artist in the real world. After a brief stint working at Simon Pierce Glass in West Chester, PA, I started traveling and found myself seeking out glass studios in any place I landed. Living in San Diego I found places like Bill Kasper’s studio in Escondido and Lowery’s Hot glass in Old Town, where I started working as an assistant glass blower. Upon returning to the east coast, I would often head into Brooklyn to assist old friends at Urban glass. Whether it was helping out with a class or dropping ten foot teardrops for a fountain installation, I did what I could to stay immersed in the material. In 2008 I found myself living in Georgia and once again seeking out a new studio to get involved with. I began working as a gaffer at Janke Studios in the Old Forth Ward in Atlanta. I had finally become more than assistant and was producing mainly lighting pendants for Cooper Lighting. Soon after, I was teaching glassblowing classes near Little Five Points for a glass fusing artist, Brenda Griffith of Siyeh Glass. Through all of this travel and experience in various studios, I still found it near impossible to create my own artwork.

Taking about a 5 year hiatus from working with glass, I focused on family life and finding a way to take the next step in building my own studio close to home in Peachtree City, GA. In 2018 I had broken ground and it was getting ready to happen. I had moved into my new shop in 2020 and started the journey of becoming a glass artist again and not just a person who works as a production glassblower. Currently I am finding new ways to combine my 2D roots within my glass sculpture. I take my inspiration from real life imagery, repetition in natural forms, while letting the natural fluidity of the material create a loose abstractness in the final product. Feeling like a newcomer to the art world again, having all these components come together that I’m visually pleased with is..well..a process.

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